The restaurant

The spectacular manor house can accommodate 265 seated guests in five dining rooms. We serve lunch, dinner and an energy-rich breakfast that will have you whistling your way into your meetings.

Tickle your taste buds - or your colleagues

Three-course dinner served in the manor house. Breakfast served on the green. A glass of bubbly on the champagne veranda, or coffee on the beach. A baguette under your arm, ice for the punch bowl or delectable pastries from our own bakery. You’ll eat and drink well during your stay with us, with some laughter added for good measure. Come here to unwind or to recharge. We offer charming dining rooms, comfortable armchairs and an inviting dance floor. At Happy Tammsvik every meal is a feast and every hour is happy hour.


Dining rooms

The manor house has five dining rooms of different sizes, with a total of 265 seats. We serve barbecue dinners on the terrace in the summer months. The manor house also has two lounges.

* The Main dining room has seating for 160 guests.
* Rockrummet has seating for 35 guests and opens onto the terrace.
* Fågelrummet is adjacent to Äppelviken and can accommodate 28 guests.
* Kristallrummet is a brightly-coloured dining room for somewhat smaller groups.
* Astrid is located on the upper storey of the manor house, with room for 18 guests.

You will find a pub located in the manor house’s cosy cellar vault. There is a dance floor, a pool room, a wine tasting room and a bar that stays open until 1am every day.

Kristallrummet Happy Tammsvik

The pub

The manor house’s beautiful cellar vault is home to our popular pub. This is where most of our dinners are rounded off, either over a game of pool or darts, or on the dance floor for those with some energy left over after the hard day’s work. The bar offers a dynamic range of wines by the glass from the classic wine regions, along with craft beers from both near and far and a wealth of ice-cold cocktails.


The orangery

Located in the reception building, the Orangery is the perfect place for both somewhat informal meetings and for late-night snacks. A large living room with glass walls provides guests with an open view of our land. There is also access to a spacious terrace with plenty of seating.

The Orangery offers comfortable armchairs, swings and sofas with capacity for around 40 people.

Adjacent to the Orangery you will find a large lounge with pool tables. The bar is open until 1am every day, and there are table-tennis tables located one story down for those who fancy a game.


Party - invite your friends and ask them to dance

Every day is a party at Happy Tammsvik. It is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. Whether it be a birthday or an ordinary weekday. Together with a few of your closest friends – or everyone you know. We set no limits, whether in terms of space or possibilities. Our large dining room can accommodate 160 guests, and the food is just as tasty at a formal dinner as it is at a midnight snack after many hours on the dance floor. Let’s party!

Happy Classic

  • 1 glass of sparkling wine
  • 3-course menu
  • Cake and coffee
    (SEK 895/person)

Happy Luxury Dinner

  • 1 glass of Champagne
  • Canapés
  • 3-course menu
  • Cake and coffee
    (SEK 1,045/person)

Happy Formal Dinner

  • 1 glass of Champagne incl. refill
  • Canapés
  • 3-course menu
  • Cake and coffee
  • Midnight snack
    (SEK 1,345/person)


Once you have made your choice, or if you would like to discuss hosting your party here, call us on +46 (0)8-584719 99, or email us at Join us!

Happy Tammsvik Rockrummet

Hamburger Week

Certain weeks of the year are Happy Hamburger Week. Our burgers are made by hand, and are always made with freshly-ground Swedish prime rib and home-made bread with delicious accompaniments. Our next Happy Hamburger Week is week 32: August 3-9. Weather permitting, we grill the burgers outdoors.